Modular Construction - Key Features

Structual Flexibility

The modular units are easily stacked and self supporting.

The units themselves are flexible, accomodating large openings.

Additional elements can also be added to the outside of the units such as windows, door openings and balconies








Stability and Fire Safety
The units have simple pad foundations and are stacked amd bolted together to form a robust building structure.

The units can be designed to be capable of 120 mins fire resistance.

In the event that a module is damaged, the surrounding units remain tied together and fully supported.





Mechanical and electrical building services
Ventilation, heating, water, drainage, power and smoke detectors are pre-installed in the units, fed by bathroom risers.

External utilies (water, gas, power, comms) are supplied via main risers.

Incoming air is supplied either naturally through perimeter window vents or from roof top air-handling units via the corridor and local fan coil units in the bedrooms.






Accoustic performance

The modules are fully insulated and their accoustic performance exceeds by a significant margin the standard regulation requirements.

Any external walls and vents are insulated and attenuated to suit the external noise levels.