International commodity services including oil and gas, iron ore, coalsugar, coffee beans, soybeans, aluminium, copper, rice, wheat, gold and more. ADS Global Services are based in London and work in develop regions throughout the world.

Do you want to raise your profile and increase your reputation in Africa or the UK?
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ADS works by bringing together buyers and sellers, matching requirements to supply, across a very wide range of sectors    –  from construction, to farming, to telecoms.

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Our brand new commodity portal can fulfil your needs. ADS is offering a new channel connecting commodity dealers to distributors and end users directly, which is much more cost effective and time efficient.


Trusted sellers mean happier buyers. helps your business enter new overseas markets.
is perfect for commodity sellers because it offers a convenient online experience for buyers. With a few simple clicks, buyers can place an enquiry or order your commodities. is set to become a firm favourite with buyers as they can buy with confidence knowing that ADS have carried out due diligence on all traders showing the verified trader certification.

ADS believe that when doing business it is vitally important to get to know the real people behind the company logos.  For this reason companies accessing the ADS network can rest assured that they are dealing with established and reliable individuals whose credit rating and background have been fully assessed prior to trading.


With us you\'re in control

However, ADS does much more than simply connect buyers and sellers:  ADS also offers a range of accompanying services that are essential to successful trading.  These services offer a similarly high level of quality assurance, for example:-

ADS Distribution Services –    collects orders from smaller retailers and acquires from suppliers in bulk at preferential rates, distributing directly to the retailers/ users and passing on the substantial cost saving.

ADS Shipping Services – selected and thoroughly tested from a range of cargo companies, these shipping services move goods at the most competitive prices.

ADS Courier Services – 100% controlled by ADS to ensure that all clients receive goods on time and critically, in the right condition.




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